Process for Domicile/Residence Certificate Issuance in India Process to Avail Resident Certificate in Haryana status


A Domicile Certificate is also known as Resident certificate. It is a proof to ensure that the person who is bearing the Certificate is a permanent resident of that particular District / State by which the Certificate is being issued. The domicile certificate is generally required as a proof of residence to avail Residence / Resident Quotas in educational institutions and in the Government Services too.

This certificate is also useful in case of govt jobs where only local residents are preferred. Domicile certificate is needed by all categories of people. As you know that the Residence Certificate is a main proof that ensure that the person bearing the Certificate is a Resident of the District or state.

Domicile certificate gives various facilities to the citizen of that state. All these facilities are offered by the state govt.Domicile certificate is very essential document; it states that a person is a citizen of particular state. One can get the Domicile Certificate only if the applicant is the permanent citizen of that particular state for which he/she needs the Domicile Certificate.

How to Obtain Domicile/Resident Certificate in Haryana:

To obtain the Domicile certificate the applicant needs to fulfil the eligibility criteria and needs to fill the application form. The prescribed application forms are either available online or from the local authorities, i;e, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate or Tehsildar’s office or Revenue Department or District Collector’s Office, or any other authority as specified in the State of your residence.

An applicant is needed to produce the residence proof in the State/UT for a specified minimum period, or if an applicant is holding any land plot then it depending on the rules in the State/UT concerned. Documents for proving the applicant’s identity, attestation of the form by officers with the necessary authority, school certificates and the Tehsil Enquiry Report may also be required.

All those Women who are not originally belonging to a State but married to men who is permanent resident of the State or who are eligible for the State’s Domicile Certificate, are eligible to apply for Domicile Certificate in Haryana.

Important Documents Required:

Those applicants who wish to Obtain a Permanent Certificate then they need to submit an application form which has to be filled in a prescribed format along with the important documents list.

Application Form

Any one from the below condition
a. Applicant should be the resident of district
b. Date of birth certificate
c. Applicant home should be in the district
d. Applicant must residing in the district for 15 OR more than 15 years
Copy of Ration Card / Voter Card / Name in the Voter List (one of them)
The attestation form is sent to the class-I officer who has attested it for re-confirmation. After receiving the re-confirmation, necessary certificate is issued.
Self-Attested Certificate

Fee Details:

The total fees will charged for getting the certificate will be Rs.15/- for each certificate. This is to inform all the applicants who are going through this process to obtain the domicile certificate that above fee will be deposited at E-Disha Counter against Cash Receipt.
Expected Certificate Issue Date :

After fulfilling the all requirements and submitting complete application, a draft order of your form will be sent to the attesting authority for verification, once it get the positive response and confirmation from Class I Gazetted officer of the attesting authority. Domicile Certificate is issued to the applicant within 7 Working Days.

To download the online application form for domicile certificate in Haryana please click here:

If you want to check your application status then you must check this link which is given below:


    I have been residing in Haryana for more than 15 years. However, my wife became a resident of Haryana after her marriage about 12 years ago. Thus, she does not fulfil the condition of 15 years of residency.

    Please advise if she is eligible to get a domicile certificate of being a resident of Haryana.
    In case the reply is “yes”, what are the documents required to be submitted in her case.

  2. Suresh Kumar says

    I have lost my domicile now I wants to dowanload the same on which website

  3. ritu kasana says

    hello sir
    mujhe apna resident certificate banwana h meri shaadi ko 3 year ho gye h mai uttar pradesh ki hu or meri shaadi haryana me hue h…..plz tell me how apply form??

  4. Vinod Kumar says

    I have been residing with my family in Haryana after marriage from 10 yrs, But my wife is a resident of haryana by birth including education. Now I have required a residence certificate of my wife.
    The department denied to issue the residence certificate, because after marriage Husband must be residing in Haryana more than 15 yrs as their requirement.

    Pls advise if she is eligible to get the residence certificate of Haryana

  5. Anil Sharma says

    Now if a person is residing permanently in Gurgaon in his or her own house or apartment since last three four years. only. Will he not get this certificate ? There are many residents in Gurgaon who have shifted permanently from other States & UTs. Now they cannot get this certificate from there parent state also cz neither they have any property there nor their name in voter list there.

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